Single Use Has Got to Go - A Letter From Our Co-Founder

Single Use Has Got to Go - A Letter From Our Co-Founder

A letter from our co-founder and COO, Annie Jackson

We love beauty at Credo and so do you… but we can do better. We have to do better. Sustainability is a core part of Credo's definition and vision for "clean beauty.What does sustainability mean with regard to consumer products? Sustainably made means not causing considerable stress or disturbance to the environment. 

Credo is committed to drastically reducing waste and making skincare and beauty packaging much more sustainable.  

For example, of the 122 billion single-use beauty sample sachets (
“try a free sample!”) created annually, none of them are recyclable. These are things we use for minutes (or even seconds) and then throw away, perhaps without even thinking about where it might end up. But the stark reality is that most will end up in waterways - and eventually in the ocean. This is a huge ecological problem. 

Starting June 1st, as part of our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, Credo will stop offering sample sachets. We will also be swapping out all products that are used once and thrown away… like sheet masks, wipes, pads, and other single-use items. And we're never bringing them back. The good news? 68 like-minded allies are joining us in this effort and have committed to signing our pledge to #STOPSINGLEUSE.

Sign the petition today and share it away!

We still want you to be able to discover products - and trying them at home before making a purchase remains important to us.

  • The first eco-friendly way to continue testing and discovering products and brands is through our Rewards program. You earn points when you purchase, when you review, when you recycle with us and more. And you can redeem for free clean beauty, from an environmentally friendly lineup that gets renewed every month so you always have something fun to try. Learn More

  • In store, we're introducing a cute, reusable travel-sized jar we call REJAR made from upcycled green tea fibers. Our green tea fibers are sourced from farming waste that would otherwise be discarded. We do not use any colorants, dyes or coatings and our jars are certified food-grade safe. With daily wear and tear from reuse, the jars will naturally start to break down at around 3 years. You can use your Credo rewards points in store to redeem 2 jars for 100 points or they can be purchased for 50 cents each. When you're done experiencing your sample, clean out your REJAR* and use it again at home, or bring it back to Credo to try something new! And if you're really done with the REJAR, bring it back to Credo to place into our Pact recycling bin to responsibly recycle it. Find a Store

Credo’s elimination of single-use sachets will prevent 660,000 little packets from going to the landfill or incinerator, or escaping as pollution into the environment every year.

Thank YOU for joining us in this effort. Let’s come together and refuse single-use in our life– in restaurants, convenience stores, other retailers...everywhere. Sign our #STOPSINGLEUSE Pledge today to make a difference.

Annie Jackson, COO and co-founder

*Our tips for cleaning: wipe out the jar, clean with hot, soapy water, rinse off and dry.

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