Monica (a neutral berry)
Monica (a neutral berry)
Monica (a neutral berry)
bestseller new
Monica (a neutral berry)
Monica (a neutral berry)
Monica (a neutral berry)
bestseller new RMS Beauty

Legendary Serum Lipstick

Legendary Serum Lipstick

A completely new way of providing long-lasting color and hydration to lips, this innovative lip stain delivers rich nutrients and vivid lightweight color with a surprising cooling sensation ​​upon application. The majority of the water inside the formula has been replaced with organic Bitter Cherry Fruit Water that hydrates, smoothes, and revitalizes the skin. RMS Adaptogenic Herbal Blend balances and Kakadu Plum Extract protects, while the Trio-Wax Complex provides a velvety, serum-like finish. All featured in 8 gorgeous shades created by Rose-Marie herself, and named after the legends in her own life.

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A Neutral Berry
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One click. One swipe. Legend.

Why we stand behind it

Super lightweight yet deeply pigmented, the non-drying water-based formula hydrates, smoothes and revitalizes lips with a velvety, satin finish. Minimum effort, weightless feel, lasting impact.

Key ingredients

Organic Bitter Cherry Fruit Water: Extracted by gentle dehydration of the Bitter Cherry Fruit, these living waters are of the highest quality and are 100% natural and pure. Rich in vitamins and minerals it revitalizes the skin, smoothes, and provides a cooling hydration.
Trio-Wax Complex: A unique texture agent formulated with a blend of Jojoba, Mimosa, and Sunflower waxes that provides a velvety, long lasting, serum-like finish without any heaviness.
Organic RMS Adaptogenic Herbal Blend: A proprietary blend of 9 rare adaptogenic herbs that help to balance, hydrate, soothe, and soften the skin.
Kakadu Plum Extract: A nutrient-rich superfruit packed with antioxidants that help defend and even overall skin tone.

this product meets

The Credo Clean Standard™

Every product we offer meets our industry leading standards for safety and sustainability.

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What is an undertone?

An undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin, which never changes (even with a tan). There are three types of undertones:


I see red or pink undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin burns easily, but barely tans.
My skin looks better in silver jewelry than gold.


I see both pink and yellow undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans.
My skin looks good in both gold and silver jewelry.


I see yellow or golden undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin rarely burns, but tans easily.
My skin looks better in gold jewelry than silver.

Find your shade match

Take our 1 minute quiz and get matched to real people with your skin tone and type.


Twist bottom of the unique component just once until it clicks, then gently glide across lips. Use the tube’s edge as a guide for flawless application. Can be worn alone or with a lip liner. For a more subtle look, use fingers to gently tap color onto lips.

Full ingredient list

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RMS Beauty

A pioneer of the clean beauty movement, master makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift founded RMS in 2009 to clean up the industry and set a higher standard for beauty. Bold, authentic and unwavering in the quest for innovative clean ingredients that perform, RMS Beauty is well known today for its refined, well-edited cult favorites in both makeup and skincare that are effortless, multitasking, and skin-nourishing. Just ask the world’s top supermodels and a community of loyal followers who have worn RMS for over a decade, because when it comes to RMS, if you know… you know.


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